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The Experts in IBM Midrange 

Redbourn Business Systems provides IBM i (AS/400) bespoke development, application support, consultancy and training to our commercial and not-for-profit customers.  We take great pride in the high-quality of our products and services, the value for money we offer and the commitment of our experts, all of whom have 25+ years experience.

We are world renowned for our CA:2E (formerly Synon, COOL:2E, AllFusion® 2E) skills and we specialise in developing, supporting and modernising legacy CA:2E applications and providing classroom and ad-hoc CA:2E training and consultancy.

If your application runs on the IBM Power System, IBM System i, IBM i Series, IBM AS/400, IBM System/38 or IBM System/36 then we can support it, enhance it and modernise it for you and with you. Redbourn are currently working with CA to design and shape the future of CA:2E including agile development of the forthcoming release CA:2E 8.7 and can help you upgrade or support whatever your release.

Please click here for further information on our IBM i Services (Power System, System i, i series, AS/400), including RPG and CA:2E (Synon, COOL:2E, AllFusion® 2E) development, training and support.


Redbourn Business Systems means IBM i (AS/400) for IBM Power Systems

The final word in IBM i (AS/400) Solutions & Support

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Redbourn Business Systems

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