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About Redbourn Business Systems

Redbourn Business Systems was formed in 1994, but our history with the IBM Power Systems (AS/400) started much earlier. In fact right at the very beginning of the IBM i journey, when our founder and current Managing Director, Steve Cast, was among the first to port applications from the System/38.  Our first customers included many leading UK charities, including Save the Children Fund, as well as benevolent societies such as the Civil Service Benevolent Fund, membership organisations such as the IBM Computer Users Association and commercial organisations like Skynet Applied Systems and Euler Hermes Guarantee.

Since 1994 Redbourn Business Systems have continued to add to our team of IBM Power Systems (AS/400) experts and we've embraced new technological advances as well as retaining our legacy skills.  

Our IBM i skill set includes RPG, COBOL, .NET, Web Services, remote monitoring, managed services and hardware support. 

Redbourn Business Systems

Redbourn Business systems is committed to the IBM Power Systems (AS/400) marketplace and we continue to provide the highest quality solutions to our growing customer base.  

Redbourn Business Systems specialise in CA 2E (Synon/2) developed applications and our team is made up of many of the most experienced developers around in this tool. We not only maintain and enhance legacy CA2E (Synon/2) applications but also embrace new development with this tool.  We also provide expert consultancy and training and we've carried out several courses in the past 12 months.  

Redbourn Business Systems is recognised by CA as experts in CA 2E and members of our team have been invited to speak at CA 2E international conferences.  Steve Cast, our Managing Director, has previously chaired the UK CA 2E User Group and he remains active in the global CA:2E community.

Redbourn Business Systems is committed to the CA 2E (Synon/2) marketplace and community and we continue to provide the highest quality services to our growing customer base. 

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